The vineyard covers 23 hectares with 19 hectares planted with the following red grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon (55%), Merlot (35%), Cabernet-Franc (5%) and Petit Verdot (5%). The remaining 4 hectares are planted with white varieties: Sauvignon blanc (37%), Sauvignon gris (18%) and Sémillon (45%).

A very thorough soil analysis carried out by the teacher-researchers at Bordeaux Science Agro has allowed for the optimal planting of grape varieties with their corresponding soil types.

This study also revealed the excellent potential of this terroir and the possibility of producing high quality wines. As a consequence, Bordeaux Science Agro initiated an ambitious planting programme based on high-density planting, soil preparation and respect for the environment. For a given yield, this high-density planting allows fewer bunches of grapes to grow on the vines leading to higher concentrations of juice in the berries. Preparing the soil permits the control of soil flora as well as enabling the vines to extend their roots deeper in search of nourishment.

We produce between 100,000 and 150,000 bottles of red and white wine each year.